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Grey’s Anatomy of a Lease - part 1

December 13, 2022 Ince Season 1 Episode 1
Ince Podcasts
Grey’s Anatomy of a Lease - part 1
Show Notes

In our first monthly podcast, we have a two-part special from London-based Real Estate Partners Tim Foley and Will Spencer, who will explore the “Grey’s Anatomy of a Lease”. The discussion will include insights into the absolute and qualified covenants of a lease, obtaining the landlord’s consent and Authorised Guarantee Agreements.

About The Incetantly Property Podcast Series

Our property specialists from across the firm discuss the latest property news and share their knowledge on a different property topic every month. 

The topics will vary each month, but stay tuned for future discussions on the following themes and many more:

  • Case update”: Case updates on big decisions and drafting consequences that might apply. 
  • Grey’s Anatomy of a Lease”: Looking at common covenants in a lease, what they mean for landlord and tenant and why they are there.
  • Incetant Recognition”: This will be a short-form interview with a member of the team. What they do, their experience, etc.
  • Horizon scanning”: Law reform, new legislation on the horizon, issues likely to affect the industry.
  • All rise”: An interview with Counsel.
  • I get knocked down but I get up again”: Issues to do with redevelopment, 1954 Act, Rights to Light, planning, construction issues, adverse rights
  • My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen”: Title issues, adverse possession, easements/profits a prendre, restrictive covenants
  • "Q&A”: Listeners to email in to ask questions about issues covered in previous podcasts, which we then answer.